Tiller and South Umpqua Falls

Starting out at Stanton Park located between Tri-City and Canyonville.  Out and back to Tiller is 49 miles.  Out and back to South Umpqua falls is 88 miles. This a good ride where you can control the distance since it is an out and back. It is a very gradual climb heading out east and then in your favor coming back, but there is usually a headwind.You will be riding along the South Umpqua River the entire way. There is almost no point in which you cannot see it. You will go through Days Creek 9 miles out. There is a store there. At 19 miles out, you pass the Milo Academy campus. Tiller comes at 24.5 miles. A good amount of shoulder on the road up until Tiller makes it more relaxing though there should not be much traffic. There is a store in Tiller and an Umpqua National Forest Ranger Station (if you cross the bridge). To continue up to South Umpqua Falls, you must make a LEFT turn in Tiller onto South Umpqua Road #46 immediately before the bridge to the ranger station. The river will continue to be on your right.  Find yourself back in Canyonville at Stanton Park for overnight camping. For more comfort, stay at Seven Feathers Casino and have a swim in the pool or visit the spa.  The casino offers a buffet or fine dining at their K Bar Restaurant. You can also wander into downtown Canyonville to find various places to eat and shop.


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