Are You Ready to Plan Your Biking Trip to the Umpqua Valley?

If so, here’s a check list to ensure you’re well prepared!

1. Choose a route.
Pick a route that fits your comfort and skill level. There is a great variety of difficulties and lengths for rides in the Umpqua Valley. Choose one that is right for you!

2. Choose a bike.
Choose a bike that will work best with your terrain. Having a dependable bike is very important. While the countryside here is beautiful, it would be best to not ended up stranded! Visit our amenities section to look at bike rental locations in the area.

3. Pick your riding partners.
Planning to ride with friends? Gather your team and organize logistics. Make sure to include your group on planning and that all members are comfortable with the chosen route. Make sure to figure out who should carry what, and have a backup plan in case something changes.

4. Plan your stay.
If you’re from out of town, or you plan to have a multi-day ride, make sure that your accommodations are booked. If you are planning to camp, make sure the campground is open during your planned trip. Visit our amenities page to view some options for lodging in the area.

5. Choose your gear and accessories.
Make sure your bike and equipment is both functional and adequate for your ride. Pack light and smart to avoid complications during your trip!

6. Plan your meals.
Will there be restaurants or stores along your route or will you need to pack your own food? don’t forget to bring snacks! Think ahead to what you’ll want to eat and drink. Food is fuel and you wouldn’t make a road trip without gas!

6. Check the weather.
This is Oregon, our weather isn’t exactly predictable! Do your best to keep an eye on the weather reports so you don’t end up ruining your trip with unpleasant weather. At the bottom of this page you can find a 5 day forecast.

Follow this simple check list and you won’t have any problems on your trip. You can just enjoy the ride!


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